Péguet Maillons Rapides Péguet Maillons Rapides


» Trade Fairs 16 janv. 2018

Péguet Maillon Rapide is attending following trade fairs:

A+A - Dusseldorf www.aplusa-online.com

Coupe Icare - St Hilaire du Touvet www.coupe-icare.org

Mets - Amsterdam www.metstrade.com

Outdoor - Friedrichshafen www.european-outdoor.de

» Media advertising 16 janv. 2018

Maillon Rapide advertising in 2017:


WORLD FISHING - worldfishing.net

MARITIME JOURNAL - maritimejournal.com

IHS SAFETY AT SEA - http://fairplay.ihs.com/safety-regulation

OSE DIRECTORY - osedirectory.com

CROSS COUNTRY - xcmag.com

THERMIK - thermik.at

PARAMOTOR - thermik.at/paramotor

ILOOOVE.IT - ilooove.it

KLETTERN - klettern.de



L'USINE NOUVELLE - usinenouvelle.com

VOILES ET VOILIERS - voilesetvoiliers.com

BATEAUX - bateauxonline.fr

LE MARIN - lemarin.fr

PARAPENTE MAG - parapentemag.com


PARAMOTEUR + - paramoteur-plus.fr

VOLER.INFO - voler.info

GRIMPER - grimper.com

SPELEO - speleomag.com

» Catalogue 23 mars 2016

Have a look at the new Péguet Maillon Rapide brochure - see Documentation

» Red Bull X Alps 2015 5 mars 2015

PEGUET supports Clément Latour, team FRA1 pilot, at the Red Bull X-Alps 2015.

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» Maximum Rated load - PPE items 16 juil. 2014

We would like to inform you that marking for PPE-certified Maillons Rapides quick links now displays the rated load max in kN, in accordance with EN 362 & EN 12275 Standards.

Péguet will now indicate the maximal load on its PPE items, instead of the previous 25 kN considered as the minimum load required by PPE EN362 & EN 12275 standards.

In doing so, Péguet wants to promote a safer interpretation of the breaking load to consider on the whole PPE product range.

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» Maillon Rapide Péguet: special attention to manufacturing quality 15 janv. 2014

» Individual marking - Maillon Rapide PPE EN 362 + EN 12275 17 sept. 2012

Individual marking - Maillon Rapide PPE EN 362 + EN 12275

A major innovation is now offered by Péguet in order to meet user’s requirements in terms of traceability. A specific laser marking made on the nut is now added to the usual marking, providing users with an interesting option in terms of product check, while no data collection shall be made by Péguet. This option is made available exclusively on P.P.E. certified Maillon Rapide quick links – EN 362 / EN 12275 standards.

» Dark Stainless steel colour finishing 13 févr. 2009

Dark Stainless steel colour finishing

Following the release of the dark colour finishing on zinc plated steel Maillons Rapides, the dark coloured finishing is now available on stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick links.

Based on the same process, the dark coloured finishing is made of a paint applied directly on the product at the final stage of manufacturing, while leaving the marking fully visible.

Dark stainless steel Maillon Rapide will allow further application in outdoor areas, whenever unobtrusive equipment are required.

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» Dark colour finishing 3 juil. 2008

Dark colour finishing

Péguet is now offering a special colour finishing on Maillon Rapide quick links.

The dark colour finishing is made of a paint applied on the zinc plated steel rod & nut at the final stage of manufacturing.

This finishing provides a new alternative for facilities requiring non visible rigging in the Entertainment industry, PPE, the Defense.

2 advantages:

Product marking of the Working Load Limit remains fully visible

Zinc protection remains under the powder coating

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» U.I.A.A. member 26 sept. 2007

U.I.A.A. member

Péguet is proud to be a member of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

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